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collage of postcard images


This is a small collection of vintage postcards associated with a key locations in our personal genealogy.  These images are presented in a number of photo galleries which can be accessed the webpage associated with their associated geographical regions.  Our primary objective was to use these images to enhance the family biographies discussed at FredQuest Genealogy by linking directly to galleries of images for specific hometowns.  This has led to a large number of town galleries, some with only one or two images and there are no images for any town for several regions in U.S. (Southeast, Southwest & Rocky Mountains).  Currently the vast majority of images are of Pennsylvania towns (esp., Erie). 

 The primary towns  associated with our genealogy during the early twentieth century are:


County Kerry: Listowel
County Fermanagh: Enniskillen


Pennsylvania:  Erie, Branford, Kane, Beaver,
                          Turtle Creek, Harrisburg,
                          Pittsburgh, Carlisle
Ohio: Barnesville, Conneaut
Nebraska: Waco, Syracuse
Missouri: Kansas City
New York: Esopus NY
Michigan: Detroit MI
Maryland: Baltimore City
California: Huntington Beach, San Francisco
Oregon: Portland
Massachusetts: Springfield  

collage of postcard images